Benefits of saving

So what are the benefits of saving electricity

Apart from the obvious benefit to your monthly expenses, consider the coal or other resource that are consumed to make electricity.

South Africa only has 1 nuclear power plant which produces 6.5% of the counties needs.

Have a look at this table:

Coal fire stats

CO2 produced

What this means is that for every kWh you use, there is 970g of CO2 produced by 93.5% of our power stations.

Based on local studies this figure could be as much as 1.05 kg of CO2 per KWh produced!

Power saving potential for residential

In our case study, we have shown the electricity consumption can be reduced in the average middle income home by as much as 73%. This indicate Eskom could reduce output by 22% if all residential followed suit.

This represents 55.2 billion Kg of  CO2 per annum!

ct home consumption

ct_elect usage

With all the “talk” about climate change, understand you can make a difference today. All you have to do is make a commitment to invest money wisely in efficient technology that suits your needs.

This money will be recovered in less than 3 years provided you make the right choices.


The specific home consumption graph is very generic and although there is no disputing hot water heating is a major factor, there are many other categories not listed.

Pools, computers, entertainment, tools, air-conditioning and many others are not mentioned.


This is the entire point of the energy monitor CHTech produce. It is designed to help you make applicable changes in your own environment.