“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.”, Lord Kelvin

CHTech was born from the need to manage energy requirements and to drive costs down based on intelligent data.

We wanted similar output to a Fluke 199 but in realtime to a database and for multiple channels. This sort of technology was extremely expensive and not the sort of kit you could leave dedicated to the job. Cheap alternatives, available on the shelf were inaccurate and very slow to update. High resolution (per second) data is also very important when monitoring from limited supply points to distinguish various appliances.
This was simply not available to purchase.
Therefore the CHTech energy monitor was born.

It was then realised that many people wanted to install their own PV systems but were limited by not being able to export power to the grid due to pre-paid meters and utility reluctance to enable this option.
The energy monitor then evolved into the grid tie limiter to help people manage their own production without the additional costs of batteries.

CHTech specialise in designing and building custom  energy management and monitoring solutions.
We strive to provide equipment at a reasonable cost with the utmost accuracy and detail as possible.