RS-232 Modules

All modules are designed to extend the RS-232 interface back to the central database for realtime reporting.
The design principle is as follows:

Data is also logged to the SD card as backup just incase there is some connectivity failure.

A number of RS-232 modules are available:

RS-232 Wifi module

The Wifi module with 18db internal antenna is designed for easy access to local access points. This module is the most flexible solution and normally fitted internal to the monitor to reduce external power supplies and cables. This module is also available as an external module for customers needing flexibility to change to different mediums as required.

RS-232 Ethernet module

The Ethernet module, being the most robust network solution as it is hardwired, is designed to extend RS-232 via Ethernet.

Telit GSM RS-232 module for realtime uploading data anywhere